A Husband and Wife Art Collaborative - by Ria and Gary Hills

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tree of Life

Tree of Life drawing
I almost forgot to upload the drawing Gary did for the Mystery Tree in the previous post.
Leslie Hawes guessed it!
I thought Autumn Leaves guess of Fiber Cereal was funny. I probably would have guessed something similar since I never ate Life cereal. As you can see the drawing would have given it away.
Gary's been busy. I'm waiting for a new drawing and a comment on Mystery Tree. Hint, hint.

I've been busy also doing late clean up in the yard and garden and other general around the house maintenance stuff. The things I hate to do until I actually get started. I haven't painted for about a week and I'm feeling it. Tomorrow I'll be scheduling time to paint again. It definitely keeps me centered and sometimes afloat when life stuff gets a little crazy.
My daughter and I took my parents out for an anniversary lunch last week and I got some good photos of a club sandwich to paint. That one will go in my daily painting blog.

Have a great turkey day everyone and thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOLOL I knew as soon as I saw Leslie's comment that she had nailed it! It is fun guessing though, Ria. Looking forward to both you and your husband's next work!

  2. Sorry it took so long for me to get back here.
    Yay! I win a bowl of cereal! Yay!
    I like Life cereal. Remember the commercials with "mikey"?
    I'm not going to try it. Let Mikey try it.

  3. You should draw a theater group performing on a stage with big writing on the floor!

    (A play on words).